KSS Nykoping Falster, Denmark

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25th and 26th of may
Only Lola (SEJW-19 DKJCH DKKJCH Honorowa W Ringu Pretensja) was shown this weekend and it went great 🙂

Show 1, judge Henrik Johansson
Junior class winner with CQ, BOS with CAC, JCAC and BOS-junior. She also became DANISH JUNIOR CHAMPION and DANISH KLUB JUNIOR CHAMPION
Show 2, judge Ligita Zake
Junior class winner, CQ, 2nd best female with R-CAC and BOS-junior.
Show 3, judge Bengt-Åke Bogren
Junior class winner, CQ, BOS with CAC and BOB-junior.
Show 4, judge Bruno Nodalli
Junior class winner, CQ, BOB with CAC and BOB-junior.

Photo by Felicia Lemmeke